Challenges International Students Face

Solutions to Top 5 Challenges International Students Face in the UK

Most of the students from the developing countries want to get their graduate, post-graduate or research degrees from the UK. Its reason is that the UK has the world’s most famous universities. After getting degrees from the UK, they avail the best economic opportunities. Most of the international students are not native English speakers. While getting an education in the UK, they have to face the language barrier. Due to the language barrier, they can’t perform well. No doubt, if you want to get an education from the UK, you will have to face some financial issues. The international students don’t know how to overcome these financial issues. Along with these challenges, students have to face some other challenges. Here, experts of dissertation proposal writing services will discuss the solutions to the top five challenges that international students face in the UK.

Problem 1: Cultural Shock:

No doubt, when students hear the news that they have got admission in one of the UK’s universities, they are excited. When they land in the UK, their excitement fades immediately. Its reason is that they find themselves in an entirely different culture. The people of this culture are speaking a different language, eating different food and much more.


The best solution to this problem is to be yourself. It means you should not feel hesitation while speaking to others. You should not feel that other people are judging you. In university, you should try to make new friends. The students should also try to learn about their language, food and culture. They should also try to connect with like-minded people in the UK.

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Problem 2: Language Barrier:

If English is your second language, you will have to face the problem of language barrier while studying in the UK. Due to the language barrier, you will feel hesitations to discuss the problems. Moreover, you will also lose your confidence.


If you are facing the language barrier, you should not lose heart. You can easily overcome the language barrier by taking language classes. If you don’t find difficulties in finding the accurate words, you should try to explain your thoughts and views in the English language. When you will try to communicate in English, your oral communication skills will be improved. These oral communication skills will be helpful to you to be more confident.

Problem 3: Difficulty In Understanding The Lectures:

Some international students face some problems to understand the lectures. Its reason is that they don’t attend the classes by preparing the lecture. Due to the lack of background knowledge, they will have to face this problem.


In the beginning, if you are facing some problems to understand the lectures, you should not worry about it. Its reason is that it will take some time in understanding the problems. You just need to connect with your fellows. You should request them to share their notes on the main points of the lectures. These notes will be helpful to you to understand the lectures.

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Problem 4: Academic Writing:

It is one of the major challenges that native students will also face. That’s why it will be difficult for you to understand the requirements of the university while writing academic assignments. Some international students may also face some problems to find the free assignment samples.


The only solution to this problem is that you should do the practice. In some cases, you require immediate help and you don’t have enough time practising the assignments. Under such a situation, you can get help from the UK based assignment writing services. After getting in contact with them, you can find out the custom solutions to your assignments. Moreover, they will also provide you with the best samples of the assignments. By using these samples, you can easily understand the format and structure of the assignments.

Problem 5: Finances:

After landing in the UK, you will have the desire to explore new places, to taste new dishes and to buy new clothes. Now, the problem is that you can’t perform these activities in your limited budget. Moreover, as an international student, you will have to get help from the assignment writing services. You also need to save some money to get help from these services.


To overcome financial issues, you can follow some essential tips. First, you should try to find a part-time job. The universities allow international students to do part-time jobs. Secondly, they should try to cook their meal to save some money. Thirdly, they should try to find an affordable assignment writing service. After getting the best quality assignments from the affordable assignment writing services, they can also save their money.