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5 Platforms Where Young Entrepreneurs Can Launch New Business

Most of the youngsters sick of the 9-to-5 rate race. They should think out of the box. They should find out an idea and start their business. When they will start their business, they can set flexible hours and salaries for them. The youngsters can also start entrepreneurship for better standards of living. They can also use it for economic development. The young entrepreneurs can create a career that aligns with their values. They can also use it for constant growth and development. When they will start their business, they will get a chance to meet with like-minded people. Some youngsters don’t know where to launch new business. Here, we will discuss the top five platforms where young entrepreneurs can launch new business easily.

Beta List:

It is the best platform that young entrepreneurs can use to find small businesses. Young entrepreneurs can get the best opportunity to showcase their businesses on this platform. When you will feature your startup on the Beta list, lots of bloggers and investors will review it. After reviewing it, they will post their feedbacks. Nowadays, it has become the world’s biggest platform to feature startups. They are offering both free and paid subscriptions. Now, you will have to select the best subscription plan based on your needs. Before submitting your startup, you should review their guidelines. They will allow the startup only if your startup will meet their requirements.

After completing the process, you can feature your business for two months. You can also use this platform if you are conducting market research. By using this platform, you can easily find out the new as well as existing business ideas. While launching your startup on this platform, you should make sure that your startup should be relevant to technology. On the landing page, you should include the custom design and description. You should not use custom designs and templates. If you will use custom designs and templates, they will not approve it. You can easily sign up on this platform via email or social media sites.

Product Hunt:

As a young entrepreneur, if you are going to launch new business online, this is the best platform for you. On the landing page of this platform, you will get a list of the recently launched products. When you will review these products, you can easily find out new ideas to launch your products. To show the products at the top of the listing, they are using a voting system. If you want to show your product at the top of the list, you will have to get more votes.

If you are going to launch new business relevant to technology, fitness, or gaming, you can easily feature your products. It has become the best platform for people who are looking for new products. Therefore, you can also use this platform to attract investors. If you want to automatically attract new customers and investors, you don’t need to use their sponsored programs. Its reason is that by getting more votes, you can easily attract new customers and investors. After launching your product on this platform, you should not spend money on its marketing. If they will see the existence of your product on another platform, they will not accept it on their platform.

Launch New Business

The Startup Pitch:

According to a dissertation help firm, it was founded in 2008 and it is providing the best platform for young entrepreneurs to present their startups. This platform is available in pitch format. It means that they will show such startups that you will send to the journalists. They will also feature the same startup in the major publications. This platform has a community of almost 25k subscribers. When you will launch new business on this platform, these subscribers will provide feedback about your startup. They can also provide suggestions about the improvement of the startup.

It is also providing an opportunity to get interaction with the community of young entrepreneurs. After getting interaction with the entrepreneurs, you can get their suggestions about your startup. All the services of this platform are freely available for entrepreneurs. If you want to get these benefits of this platform, you should submit a form on it. After submitting a form on this platform, they will review this form. If your form will fulfil their requirements, they will allow you to publish it. They are not allowing the entrepreneurs to enable the coupon system. They are not allowing businesses to launch established businesses. In other words, they are providing support to only new businesses.


It is also the best platform for startups. It is offering a Beta testing platform for mobile apps and websites. You can also use this platform to test digital products. After uploading your products on this platform, you can get real-life feedback. In the detailed feedback, you can also know the pros and cons of the products. It is a community of almost 150k subscribers. Therefore, you can get the best feedback on your products. While setting the primary testing goals, you can easily interact with their team members. The most important benefit of this platform is that you can get feedback from real-life users. That’s why you can easily work on the weak points of your products.

Launching Next:

It is a home for tech startups. On this platform, you can find a wide list of new startups. Along with this wide list of the new startups, you can also find a list of the new startup ideas. Therefore, you can use this platform to plan, build and optimize your business. You can easily launch new business just by filling a form. The users can submit the free form to launch the new startups. If you will find a successful startup on this platform, you can easily connect with its owner. After connecting with him, you can get the best suggestions to improve your startup. This platform is accepting unique ideas only. Therefore, you should not copy the content from other businessmen.